Thursday, September 11, 2008

For my darling

"Are you tired?"
"'Cause you've been running in my head all day long."

That was the first line you said to me. Though we were already a couple when you said it. How cheesy. But secretly, I really loved it.

I remember that day..
I was getting ready for school, nothing but bathrobe on, hair wrapped in a towel, phone in one hand, looking at my crazed face at the mirror. I really had no intention of going to school that day. I just want to lay in my bed in my sexiest lingerie and your voice whispering my name in the most flirtatious way...

But you wouldn't let me skip school because you didn't want me to have a bad record.

I remember how you put my hands on your waist when we had our first kiss. I remember how dark it was on the side of the street.. How I want you to hug me so tight..

I remember whenever I refuse to eat and you would always make me eat because you want me to be healthy and I would say I'm not hungry or I don't need food. I love that and I would be sad if you stop doing that.

I remember the night you said we were going to have a secret marriage.. But then you said it was just a joke and you were testing me. I was so hurt and mad

I remember when I went with you to get your papers done, it was raining and my feet got mud and you wiped them with your handkerchief..

I remember how you always look at me and I'll be shy and push your face away and you'll look at me again..

I remember how you always carry me like Superman carries Lois.. How I'll cup your face with my hands.. How soft your skin feels.. How my lips long for that magical kiss that always enchants me.. How I don't want you to let go.. Ever.

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