Sunday, January 25, 2009

Close Call

During the holidays, there were many fire accidents. And sometimes my husband and his fellow firefighters had three fires in one day (Ok I know for some three is just a little number, but for me, oh no thats too many).

I don't remember when last month that they had a call but they had to refill the water in the truck. I don't really understand the story but, when they got to the burning house, the other firefighters went to fill the tank leaving only my husband and the truck driver.

Of course the truck driver can't help him, so he ran towards the burning house. And my brave husband fought the fire all by himself. I remember he sent me a message at 9 or 10 in the evening that day saying there was a fire (he always texts me if they're going to a respond). And they got back at the fire station at 3 am. Because he was the only one there. What took the other FFs so long????

The owner of the house even got angry and shouted at my husband to get up there and put out the fire. So he climbed up the wall, which was almost too soft because of the fire and he almost fell at like 50 ft on the ground!

I almost cried when he came home and told me. And I said don't want him to climb a wall ever again. And don't ever run toward a burning house all by himself.

At times like these, I wish he never became a firefighter. I want him just by my side, where he's safe.

Marie xx

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