Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye. Hello.

My last entry was written on the 29th of October.Todays date is January the 23rd. Wow. Its been a while. Over 3 months to catch up on. I just couldn't find any words that would fit on here.

3 months of feeling like the world has been spinning out of control. In the simplest form possible, the past months have gone a little something like this:
Crying. Writing. Crying. Being in love. Crying. Writing. Crying. Drinking. Crying.

Christmas ended as quickly as it had begun. My mom passed away.. And until now I'm still shocked. She's supposed to be here with me now. I should be cooking for her everyday. We're supposed to be out shopping. She had a blog and I've only read it the other day. She talked about her friend who died and she remembered she asked my late grandfather why do God allow people to die and leave the children. My grandfather replied, "Because God knows that they are ready to be without their parent." Well, I don't think I am.

Hi mommy. I love you so much. I miss you like crazy. Come back.

So yes, another chapter of my life has already begun...

Marie xx

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