Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bonjour, mes amis!

I have been gone a while here. I could not find time and words to give. Really now I really have been just lazy.

In the past two months, my husband have been just at home, the police department had a basketball match and the fire department had one team as guest and my husband is on that team. Sadly they didn't won but they were fourth place!

This week he starts his duty as part of the new SRU (Special Rescue Unit). His shifts are still twenty four hour duty but longer from nine am to nine am. Though I am happy for him, I am also worried. They will respond to a lot more dangerous...

Of course I am always praying for him but really I am longer with my prayers now.

How have you been my friends? I just love this picture of a sailor coming home from the war.


  1. Homecomings are so joyful...you have a knack for choosing wonderful vintage pictures. I will try to upload one of mine.


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