Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vintage Books

Today my husband is on duty and I'm praying that they won't have any fires or rescue operations because he was sick for two days, I told him not go to work today but he was persistent. Went to my favorite vintage book store.

I love old books, especially the leather bound ones which have old world elegance, everything was better back then, don't you think? And going to the store awaiting to find a new treasure... Lovely.

""My husband claims I have an unhealthy obsession with secondhand bookshops. That I spend too much time daydreaming altogether. But either you intrinsically understand the attraction of searching for hidden treasure amongst rows of dusty shelves or you don't; it's a passion, bordering on a spiritual illness, which cannot be explained to the unaffected." -Kathleen Tessaro, Elegance

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

The Adventures of Huckleburry Finn by Mark Twain

The Man Who Made Friends With Himself

Encyclopedia of the Great Composers and their Music

I went to the hardware store and I found this! Well, it is actually a curtain holder, I just removed the other brass things and turned it to a hanger holder instead... I think it's beautiful, though.

And I found this little Greek gentleman.

I have been finding good quick recipes I can do for at least half an hour? Any good ones?

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  1. Great finds! I'm jealous of your vintage hardbound classics. Just followed your blog. :)

    - Cherie


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