Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Postpartum Depression

It seems just only yesterday that I gave birth. Now, Belle is getting heavier and heavier everyday. And her face is already changing. She is such a gem and even when I'm tired of getting up and feeding her, just one look at her and I'll forget all the worries of life, especially when she is smiling.

I'm also very thankful because I had a very smooth delivery and also throughout my pregnancy. And to Stacie who's been very nice to me, even if she doesn't really know me, thank you for always being there, and all the sweet comments and treating me like a friend.

After having the baby, I spent every night crying because of both lack of sleep and because they always take the baby saying things like the baby likes them better than me, I actually thought of going away. But now I'm ok again and moved on with that.

I love looking at her and all the movements and sounds that she makes brings joy to me. Thank you Dear God for giving us this sweet thing and letting us become parents and giving us this chance.


  1. What you felt is normal. ganyan di c wifey ko after she gave birth. you will be better, ang cute cute kaya ng baby mo! :)

  2. Hello again! Glad to see that you are finding your way. Hang in there.

  3. elle est mignonne dans cette photo, PP is normal especially when its u hu suffered and the credit goes to the baby, but then you can get through this stage by enjoying time with the family.

    bonne courage :) kabayan :)


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