Wednesday, November 23, 2011

from 5 pounds to 10 pounds in one month

how quickly time flies...
just a few days more and our baby is already two month old. she's exactly 1 month and 23 days and she is already 10 pounds. she was born 5 pounds and now she's already twice that in just a month... even her pediatrician was startled... and she already fits into her bigger clothes, her onesies and dresses for 6 months are a perfect fit! and her vision is getting better but maybe it's still a bit blurred, when you move, she follows you. and she loves to play more with people than with toys... and when you talk to her, she talks back with mmmhs and aahhs

she loves her musical giraffe so much! she always smile and laugh at it

that dress is for 6-9 months but it fits her like a glove!

Sesame Street Pampers diapers, they're really cute!

this brings back memories from my childhood. we had a big book of nursery rhymes and I loved looking at the beautiful illustrations

Faded Glory baby slippers from my dad. it's SOOO cute!

Cin cin!


  1. Glad she is doing well! She is so beautiful!

  2. She's so cute..i just wanna pinch her cheeks..


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