Thursday, February 23, 2012

angel wings


Being a mother is one of the best things that happened to me. But of course I need some time alone and nights out and going out and all that to keep me sane, but I know no matter how many times I whine about needing a night out, or complain about how much work it is to be a mother, there is an undescribable feeling when you hold up that precious little bundle. When I go out, every time I'll close the gate I feel so guilty... And I wonder how is she doing? Is she behave? And I always hurry home so she'll be back in my care.

She's really great that at times, she can sleep all by herself and can sleep up to 11 hours straight. Today after waking after 9 hours of sleep, she slept again after just one hour of playtime.

Since she can now roll and lie on her tummy, we put her back to her crib and put lots of pillows so she won't bump her head.

Every time my husband brings to her grandparent's house, she always gets fussy and does not smile and play and just looks at the people and is just quiet. She gets homesick!

And she loves to suck and suck but we don't want to give her some teething rings because her pedia said that it will deform and hurt her gums. So she still keeps her mittens on, and it's great because it keeps her hands really soft and not exposed to bacteria.

Everyday she gets bigger and bigger that she's going to outgrow her clothes in no time, even the ones for 9 months to 1 year old. Now, I should buy her bigger dresses already. I love little girl's clothes that are smocked, bubble, ruffled, angel wing or monogrammed. I'm addicted to buying my baby dresses!

She always kicks and her legs, hands never tire, she looks everywhere and smiles says her "ayoko" and these days real baby talk, her whole body and mind are so active that we think when she turns a year old, oh, she's going to be all over the house!

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  1. Me too, whenever I'm out somewhere, I can't keep my mind off my daughter. I'm the one with separation anxiety, I guess :)

    It's my first time to visit your blog, and I like it already :)


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