Saturday, March 3, 2012

Great baby feeding bottles and finding a spoon and plate set

Playtex bottles are really great. It has tiny holes on the bottom that allows air to pass through so your baby can't suck in air and prevents colic, gas and spit-out, its bottom is removable so it's easier to clean it properly and it's BPA free. And baby can finish the milk faster than ordinary bottles. And its sides has is flat so it's easier to hold it while feeding your baby.

Ever since Belle used this bottle, she didn't wanted to drink in the ordinary bottles ;)

You can get this bottle too here

Tommee Tippee is great too. Its BPA free, its nipple is shaped like that of a mother's (great for newborns), has a thermometer that turns red (pinkish actually) if the milk is too hot, and it also has a hole on one side for the air to pass through.

Avent Sterilizer

Cherie is going to eat solids soon, I've looked around so I'm thinking of getting Playtex too for her utensils, plate set. What would you recommend?


  1. I haven't seen their line of feeding utensils. I am using Avent and I think it's okay naman. Happy solid eating!

  2. The Playtex feeding utensils are really cute!
    Take care!

  3. My little girl loved her playtex bottles more than the avent. Coz its slim so she can grasp it with her little hands

  4. Im planning on pumping and giving bottles to my daughter. Might try this one from playtex since my pump is Playtex too...

    Connecting from Mommy Bloggers ph =)


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