Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jean-Baptiste Regnault 1754-1829

L'Éducation d'Achille 1782

Les Trois Grâces 1799

Le Déluge 1789/91

Jupiter et Io 1827

Cupidon et Psyché 1828

photo sources


  1. thanks for the follow, sorry i'm a bit late;-) glad to meet a fellow cary grant and art lover!

  2. Thanks for sharing beautiful art work. :)

  3. Nice artwork of French Painter.

  4. How tough it must be to come up with such beautiful artwork! I am so used to doing artwork in the computer that I have no idea how to do it otherwise! Masters, indeed!

  5. I appreciate classic art more than modern art. This post reminds me of my favorite art class back in college. :-)


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