Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My little cupcake can stand!

Her face has really changed, she's starting to look like a real little girl...

still on tip toes...

she was watching tv

then I blocked the view with my phone haha

It seemed just yesterday she was trying so hard to roll over and lie on her tummy, now she can almost stand. Just a little bit more sweetie!

Tricia commando baby crawl!

So after standing on tiptoes, she can now do the horsey!


  1. time flies really so fast.. malapit na din sya maglakad..^^

  2. your little cupcake is cute! next tatakbo na yan. :)

    thanks for dropping by my page. TC sis.

  3. Wow! Congrats! :) Can't wait till Z can stand na din.

  4. @ mitch - yes, I'm so excited for that!

    @ missus cee - Thank you!

    @ mish - Thanks! You'll malapait na rin tumayo baby mo, you'll be so happy!

  5. Cute naman! Bilis talaga panahon noh... Happy mother's day too!!!


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