Monday, May 7, 2012

Belle is seven months!

Dearest Belle,

It seems only just yesterday that I could feel your strong kicks inside my belly and now, not only you can actually kick but you can be on all fours and you can almost walk. We still marvel at the fact that you are here with us healthy, smart, and growing beautifully.

Carina, we love you so much. You are our joy and just seeing you smile and hearing you laugh and the thrill you get over a new toy gives us a priceless feeling of happiness. When you wake up, you don't cry like other babies, instead you smile so big and you seem really happy that you see us. You are really a bright girl, you already remember certain things like when you see mama holding the blue fever patch, you squint as if you know that that is the cold thing I put on your lovely forehead.

Every time you watch Baby Einstein you love the colors and you remember the bear doing the peek-a-boo and you laugh at it.

And we really love it when you see your favorite commercial, you'll hear the sound and you'll look up to the tv and you'll think for a while and you remember it and you smile and then laugh and you get really happy that you'll be running to the door in your walker.
And now you take all of your vitamins very willingly even if you still don't like the taste.

Everyday you grow bigger and we will surely miss these moments especially when Papa carries you up in the air and you laugh heartily.

When you grow older, the world will sometimes be harsh, but we know you are strong and can take on any hurdles, we will always be by your side and protect you. We will do everything to give you the best. We love you so much...

With all the love from our hearts,
Mama and Papa

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  1. wow! and my pao turned 7months today! your belle is just 2days older than my babyboo... naaliw naman ako sa pagbloghop ng mommyblogs. :-)

    am a new follower po... hope you could follow me back. :-) thanks!!!! see you around! :-)


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