Friday, June 22, 2012

8 months!

Our baby is 8 months! Since I became a mom, almost everyday I say,
time really goes by so fast! It really feels just yesterday that I was

Each time she achieves a new milestone, all she wants to do is just
that, when she learned how to lie on her tummy, changing her diapers
and clothes has become a challenge because she doesn't want to lie on
her back for long she always turn on her side and lie on her tummy.
When she learned how to sit, changing her diapers now is a struggle.

But we are just very glad that our daughter is very healthy and smart
and strong! You would wonder how a little bundle of a child can fight
with you with super strength! During her earlier months I was worried
because she's not the grabbing kind of baby, but now she wants to grab
everything that she sees!

Now I'm proud to say my daughter can stand! Still with support but
just a few days more she can stand on her own. Her teeth haven't
popped out yet, but they will soon. She's so lucky because she doesn't
get fever for teething and she can bare the itchiness of her gums!

I'm still awed by the fact that I have a child of my own and she's
growing very quickly. But I still want her to be a baby now and kiss
her cute little body! The only thing I want to grow faster is her


  1. Oh my, she's so adorable! Cheers to more baby milestones!

  2. future ballerina....

  3. oh wow she's beautiful! I love the last picture!

  4. ang sarap sarap ikiss! sayang i haven't seen her yet..

  5. Come to her birthday na lang monmon. miss na rin kita

  6. oo nga saan ba? please text me ha


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