Monday, June 11, 2012

Gastronomy: Pink Hot Chocolate

2 tbs demerara sugar
1 cup of dark chocolate (I prefer Amedei Porcelana)
4 cups of milk
2 tbs flour
7 drops red food coloring
four tbs of bourbon (I love Bulleit Bourbon)

Add the dark chocolate to the milk in a saucepan whisk until the
chocolates melt using a molinillo. Add the sugar and whisk gently.
Pour in the food coloring, wait until the color changes then add the
flour, stir until the mixture thickens, add the bourbon. Pour into
heated cups.

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

Hold the cup and feel it's warmth.

Curl toes.

Ask your loved one to join you in your blanket, watch the fire, or rain together

Put his arm around your shoulder.

Feel the love.


Sip from cup.

Haha my own version of the Blackstone Merlot ad!

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