Friday, June 29, 2012

Teething and fever

My daughter have been teething in her earlier months but only this
time, at almost nine months she's got a fever and is irritable. She's
always been a very strong and active baby and the type of baby that
won't give you any headaches even when she is playing. But now she's
just slightly irritable. She'll have tantrums, like you don't know
what position she likes but after a while she'll laugh and be alright
again. Teething biscuits help ease the itchiness of her gums but I
don't give her as many, only one biscuit a day because luckily she
does'nt focus on the pain. Thankfully her fever doesn't get high now.

I really wish her tooth will come out already so that she won't have
to deal with this anymore. What month did your baby's tooth popped


  1. our babies are about the same age... and his 2 lower front teeth started to appear when he was 6months... no fever or behavior change but we have to go through some LBM-like prob, though it did not affect him much... now that his upper front teeth are making its way, he's a bit irritable too... but only for some time, once he finds something interesting he forgot about the pain or the itch...

  2. my daughter's pearly whites started popping out at around 8-9 months also. what helped us are teething rings that you put in the ref. luckily we only had slight fevers to deal with. i hope your little one feels better soon. at least she's still playing, it's a good sign.

  3. get well soon beautiful princess

  4. Thank you for the comments,
    luckily, the fevers are over!


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