Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Velveteen Rabbit

I love anything that is from the beautiful old days. And fine, classic children's clothing are my favorite right now. Of course dressing up little girls are every mother's joy! I completely love these clothes on children, in fact, we ought to keep children wearing classic styles because the are young, they shouldn't be wearing clothes that are trending.

My favorite stores are bonpoint.com, sarah-louise.com, and feltmaninternational.com. I still love Rare Editions! Their styles are also classic but with added fun and delightful fabrics like Mirabelle is wearing on the last photo.

this just arrived in the mail

Rare Editions dress


  1. Ooh lovely dress cute baby!7

  2. Aww she's beautiful and what a lovely dress! Can't wait to see it on her!

  3. classy dress
    your MirabellE is beautiful!

  4. btw, your hanger holder is so nice, where'd you get it?


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