Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"To her I owed my first glimpse of elegance." -Bonjour Tristesse

this Barbie is just ridiculously gorgeous!!!

lovely dress!

Merci mademoiselle !

As a child, I watched with wonder my mother when she begins her
toilet. She would face her vanity and starts to do what grown up women
do-put on their make-up. My mother had a very beautiful silver powder
set. And I remember her Estee Lauder lipsticks with in gold cases.

As soon as she has left, I would sit in front of the vanity and
pretend I'm doing my own daily toilet. I would open her cabinet and
feel her lace slips. I couldn't wait to grow up..

And then I discovered Chanel and found my best friend.
I truly adore No. 5. And I love the black and red Chanel 2.55.
Although I think one should never have too many 2.55s...

I adore Chanel because it's elegant and happily, Karl Lagerfeld stays
true to the style of Chanel.

All photographs from pinterest.


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