Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rebecca de Winter

Rebecca de Winter, also known as the first Mrs. De Winter is a
character from my favorite book, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. It is
about the first wife of Maxim de Winter who drowned, and after a year,
Maxim brought his new bride in his vast home, Manderley. Only to find
that Rebecca is still the mistress of Manderley, the servants still
loyal, always comparing her from Rebecca, her clothes still ready to
be worn... And the sinister Mrs. Danvers, Rebecca's personal maid,
completely loathe the new bride. The second Mrs. de Winter soon learns
that she is stronger than Rebecca and together with Maxim, they find a
way to have a peaceful and happy life, away from the shadow of

I completely adore this book. du Maurier's detailed description of the
gardens in Manderley. It's so sweet, you can smell the perfumes of
flowers and hear the birds sing. The thrill of giving Rebecca's
details slowly one by one, makes one admire her, for she was a woman
with fine tastes, from the grandiose interiors of Manderley that she
designed, her lavish and epic parties, her 'loopy' handwriting, down
to her luxurious underpinnings. I find Rebecca really fascinating. But
when one finds the truth about her, one might slowly despise her.

But I still do adore Rebecca.

Anyway, Rebecca de Winter is still charming. The photos are of Vivien
Leigh in That Hamilton Woman in 1941. I completley think she is the
perfect actress for Rebecca. They have the same black hair, and a
penetrating gaze(in a good way). Vivien Leigh is absolutely stunning!
She is the most beautiful for me. As Frank Crawley(also a character)
said about Rebecca, "She was the most beautiful creature I ever saw."

P.S. Vivien Leigh's centenary is near!

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  1. I am torn between Vivien Leigh and Gene Tierney in Leave Her To Heaven. If you want a modern day Rebecca, it would have to be Angelina Jolie in Maleficent.


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