Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mirabelle, Thirty months

Mirabelle has grown so much. For us, she still
looks baby faced for an almost
three year old.

Belle is super active than ever. She always drags me to her playroom.
She also always wants to go outside,
she'll get her shoes and say, :"Walk! Walk!"
We live  very near my in laws', it's great
but the only downside is
that she always wants to go to Lolo and watch
their teeny weeny dog
even when they need to rest

Belle is very affectionate, she loves to hug and kiss
us often out of the blue. We always
do it to her so maybe it's
naturally getting to her.

She loves to dance, hop, jump
and she even makes her own dance steps! She love to 
do ballet poses I taught her, I'm going to
enroll her for ballet classes when she turns three

We can have an actual conversation with her
now. She can answer us with sentences

Belle loves to color and she can draw circles!

She moved over from Hello Kitty to cars! She doesn't
want anything girly, or princessy now-just cars...
She loves to play tea with Mr. Bear
You're growing up just before our eyes, we will definitely 
savor every moment now that you're still so little!

We love you so much baby...


  1. awww your baby Belle is so pretty!

  2. wow she's so pretty m!

  3. wow she's so pretty m!

  4. Belle is so adorable..:)

    Love that she is into cars. Breaking the set rules... lol!

  5. Thank you Nishana, haha I know right?

  6. What an adorable little girl! I think Babes would have moved onto cars if she didn't have a little brother to contend with! For now, it's, "not cars, princesses!" in our house :).

  7. Awww... so touching! We should treasure every moments kahit tiring.. minsan lang sila bata diba mommy? :)

  8. Thank you Suburban H.I.T. Lucky you, she has a little brother!

  9. @mommy ambisyosa- I couldn't agree more. Thank you!

  10. They do grow fast, but she's still at a fun, young age. :) She's adorable!

  11. Alesha- Yes they do! Agreed-two is such a fun and curious age!

  12. Love your dress kittle girl! Pahiram kami ni baby Mila ko when you won't wear it na ha! Hihi.

  13. Kids grown up so fast. These are the moments we should treasure. I got two boys and di ko na mabuhat since mas mabigat pa sila sa akin. Now my eldest does not want my kiss and embrace. Beautiful daughter!

  14. Woah, galing nya magsulat! My Yuri can draw circles but not dainty like Belle's. :D

  15. So adorable! They grow up really fast, don't they?

  16. Whatever the age, our kids will always be a baby to us. :)


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