Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flower Bud's Favorite Books

Even as a baby, Flower Bud loved to read books. Of course, she just loved looking at the pictures. That's why I
 encourage her to keep reading and as she grows, she still delights on a blissful afternoon with her beloved books. I also adore my books,
 and her collection is slowly outnumbering mine! So here are her top three dearest books!


My Goodnight Book by Eloise Wilkin

When I saw this sweet little book, I fell in love with it forthwith!
It is so lovely. The little girl's room with floral
things, and her dresses are such a 
joy to look at!
It is a picture book about a bedtime ritual
and it is so beautifully drawn.


Good night baby 

This book features pictures about what babies to
toddlers do. And they are so charming!
Flower Bud recognizes every activity and
thing in it, and loves to imitate them!
Both my parents have Spanish blood
so I also want Flower Bud to 
learn the language.


The Secret Garden Activity Book

I love this book too much!
I love The Secret Garden and this activity book
is also as good as the book!
 I bought this before I got pregnant.
And I completely adore the illustrations. 
And I'm glad little Flower Bud does too!
From Mary's dresses to the flowers and plants
and animals. Mary and the "crew"
have a picnic and flower wreaths all
throughout the book.
It gives you tips on how to start a vegetable
or flower garden and how to pick seeds.

There you have it. I hope you also fell
in love with Flower Bud's books.

So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your 
TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall.” 
-Roald Dahl


  1. These books look really cute, I want them for my girls!

  2. those look like great books with great illustrations :)

  3. The secret garden is one of my most favorite stories ever! I super love the movie though :)


  4. Thanks Camille, they really are Cute!

  5. Rae- It is one of my favorite books too!

  6. The bedtime books are really useful for the kids because they can relate to it very well. :)

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  8. I love reading books to my kids too. We have this book I bought in Amazon way back when my kids were small. The Title is "Adventures of Poldy" or Hello Poldy, this book introduces Poldy, the scarecrow, and his friends as they travel the world in search of adventure, and learn concepts such as size, colors, shapes, opposites, and numbers along the way. Ngayun ang bunso ko na ang nag babasa para sa younger cousin nya. It's a fun way to make children learn the basic!

  9. Lovely books you got there!! I am missing reading books lately..

  10. I love The Secret Garden! I love the movie, too. I like how one of your books is n Spanish; it reminds me that I accidentally bought a Madeline book in French!

  11. The Goodnight book is so adorable and girly. I like it!

  12. My favorite bedtime story of all time. Very hard to find anymore. I used to read it to my nephew.

  13. Reading books to my kids before bed time is another way to teach them good's very effective especially if the character in the book is someone they really adore. Baby books always impart an important moral lesson at the end of the story and this is why I trust baby books to be my aid in raising my kids in good faith.

  14. those words by Roald Dahl put a smile on my face. I totally agree! Kids should spend more time reading books than using gadgets or watching TV

  15. Sati loves My Goodnight Book! And it's a good way to say good night to her haha


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