Friday, August 7, 2015

Finds from Born Pretty Store

 Born Pretty always have something that surprises you.
They always have pretty designs and the items
are always of good quality and don't tarnish for a long time ;)
The best part is that their items are quite affordable!

I love this cuff bracelet and every time I wear this,
I always feel like a Grecian princess!

These pretty earrings remind me of Hera ;)
The feathers are very soft, and they're so nice in actual ;)

 These glasses has a very nice frame, it's nicely done
and the pink and yellow tint, gives a little 1970s vibe ;)

Readers of TFD also get a 10% off of your favorite
items with the code: HEB10

Enjoy shopping!


  1. I love BPS <3

  2. Cool items:) kiss

  3. This store is so great, they have so so many interesting stuff,
    Your pieces are pretty to, I especially like the bracelet :)

  4. Wonderful store.
    And I love your selections.


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