Friday, September 2, 2016

Make your baby "Singin' In The Rain" With Huggies Diapers!

Hello, my beautiful friends 
I am a new mom, so, like a all first time moms out there, I was 
very excited about what to shop for baby products, what are the needed
things to have, and always on the lookout for new baby products.
I am very particular and strict when it comes to my daughter's
skin care, and I only use mild skin care products.
Because part of my mom "research" is that we must use and continue
to use mild products for them to help maintain their baby soft skin. 
Here is my favorite tips for baby skin care.

Also one of the exciting things for new moms like me, is the baby food!
When my daughter turned three months, she was ready to eat pureed 
food. She ate both fresh mashed fruits and vegetables, and ready made
store bought baby food. But I tried my best of course to give her 
more fresh mashed food. It also is very fun to mash fruits and veggies,
and having fun and experimenting  with different homemade recipes

What I'm loving now are these Disney Frozen underwear. My Miss B
simply adores Queen Elsa so she is going to love these!

Do you remember the diaper commercial from Huggies,
the one from years ago, the baby is dancing in the rain, to the song
"Singn In The Rain"? Well, I loved that commercial and still do
today! It is simply so cute. I think I was in grade school
then, and I thought, when I have my own child in the future, 
I will absolutely use Huggies for  my baby because of course, 
Huggies brand is one of  the best and trusted diapers in the world.   
And, now that I have my own child,
 I stayed true to my grade school self and used Huggies for my daughter ;)

I feel very secure and safe with Huggies, because it's one of the brands 
that I guess we don't need to hear feedback from, that we automatically
know it's great. It's very nice for my daughter's skin, it doesn't
give her rashes and I can tell she is very comfortable with it.

What are the things that make you excited for your little ones?

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  1. Congrat in being a mom its always a blessing when an angel arrive. You should always give a try the best for your bundle of joy.


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