Sunday, December 18, 2016

Classic Girls' Dresses From SposaDress

Hello dear ones 
Can you believe in a few days, it's already Christmas?
The year is almost over. How was your year, friends? Have
you done all your goals and crossed out all the boxes in your
bucket list? I hope and wish you all had an amazing year, and 
end it beautifully with a happy holiday season with your 
family and friends. 

Like me, I am sure you are all busy preparing 
for a lovely and festive holiday for your family. The menu 
for Christmas dinner, gifts, decor, et al..For me, preparing for 
the Christmas festivities is such a delightful experience. 
It is fun and a great bonding moment with your family
getting new decors, picking out presents and food. And 
of course, the Christmas dresses. It is exceptionally fun
especially with a young girl in your family. At Belle's age
this time, I can still be the one who picks out her outfit and style.
For me, I only love classic cuts for children. 
As a mother in these times, the internet truly is a big help.
I did discovered these gems of dresses. 
SposaDress has completely pretty and elegant dresses.
Their applique, and bead work on the dresses are impressive.
The dresses are also practical, and can be worn for every occasion.

I did found this pretty silver dress. It looks very becoming
and can be used for a Sunday church service to a party or event.

Love this one!

SposaDress has a wide collection of really beautiful and
elegant formal dresses, from bridal gowns, for the entourage,
and for formal occasions.

Stay updated and be the first to know about new collections on



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