Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How to Create Winning Blog Calendars

A Beginner’s Workshop on How to Create Effective Blog Calendars

Find out how to come up with engaging blog titles.
Learn the step-by-step from audience targeting to topic ideation.
Do hands-on work and be creative in making your own blog calendar.
Get a FREE content calendar template + FREE SEO Starter Kit + 10% Discount on the Full SEO Beginner’s Course that the speaker herself compiled!

DATE: Jan 28, 2017



What You Will Learn:

Morning Session / 9am-12pm

1) What is a Blog Calendar
Parts of a monthly blog calendar
Content Categories & Types
Free tools in setting up a blog schedule
FREEBIE: Blog Calendar Template

2) How to Identify your Audience
Study the client’s industry
Targeting Personas
Identifying funnels and goals
The brand tone or voice

3) How to Generate Blog Topics
Coming up with Content Themes
Keyword Research Suggestions
Free Blog Topic Generators
Tips and Tools in creating Headlines

Afternoon Session | 1pm-4pm   

4) Additional Blog Tips
Gather company’s content assets
Understand branding guidelines
Suggest outreach strategy

5) Review/Summary: Step-by-Steps of Creating a Blog Calendar
Set the month’s content theme
Identify the target personas/audience
List down the target funnel or goal for each persona
Set keywords to use
List blog topics - organize based on types and categories
Come up with outreach strategy ideas
Schedule Publish Dates, Due Dates, Assigned Writers
Review and edit as needed

6) Workshop Activity
Each participant receives his/her own blog calendar template to fill in.
Using the lessons discussed, create a 4-week blog calendar for a given website/brand
Use resources/tools on the web for research

What You Need to Bring:
A laptop
Pen and paper
Mobile Data

Speaker’s Profile

Romela Iane de Leon-Ortega

Romela is a 10-year SEO Veteran coming from a corporate setting, before becoming a WAHM. She has handled various online marketing projects for several industries, both global and local. Her usual freelance work involve SEO and content marketing for small to medium range businesses.

Aside from her own Search Marketing Consultancy business at:, she’s also working side-by-side with her husband in running their creative design agency:

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  1. This its very helpful and organize love the tips you made many good points.

  2. That's a nice event; blogging tips are always informative and useful at all times.

  3. great tips, very helpful
    have an happy day
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  4. This sounds like a great workshop! I wish I lived closer to go--one of my blog's goals this year was to create a blog calendar. I hope it runs smoothly! xx


  5. This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
    Paola ♡

  6. Lovely ideas and tips! It's nice to see something different and usefull :)

  7. This sounds like a very interesting program, super useful ! Kisses

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