Thursday, February 2, 2017

Flights Of Fancy + Beautiful Baby Shower Invites Giveaway

Happy first of February!
I wish you are all having a great start of
the new month, my friends. I know with this new year, 
new plans for birthdays and anniversaries are already 
in the works. ;) Of course, as a mom, I am already planning
my daughter's birthday this year. Miss B is old enough to 
help plan and choose things she likes for the party. 
Our young lady completely loves Angry Birds, 
and from this, she began a true love for birds, not just the 
birds from the famous game, but all birds in general.
And I think, it's just so sweet and lovely. Birds are
very delicate, beautiful and ethereal creatures. I'm also
delighted that she appreciates the majestic peacock too.

So, we've decided for a birds theme for her birthday.
I know she adores Angry Birds, but I would also want to
make it a little girly. I would mix the AB theme with
a girly touch. Maybe a bit of pastel colors for some 
cute canary designs added with the AB characters.

The blue birds cake is simple, and cute. The Angry Birds cookies idea
are very well done here, and they make great party favors too.

For the invitations, I'll be using these pretty ones
from Paperless Post. They already have beautiful designs
and I simply adore the lovely bird illustrations...

My personal favorite!

 Any party wouldn't be complete without activities and games.
In addition to the usual magic shows and balloon art, 
some educational activities and games are very 
good for the children too.

The AB game idea is quite easy, simple and realistic to make for me, these are just painted cans and a ball ;)

 I will also add the painting activity to B's birthday. She also
loves to paint, and she will certainly have fun painting with her friends.

So, do you any ideas and plans already for your kids' birthdays?
To help you out with planning, a gift for a lucky reader of
1,000 coins to Paperless Post is in store! You can use this 
to get and customize invitations, be it birthday, wedding, or
You can checkout their beautifully designed invites 
or make yours personalized here at Paperless Post.
To win the 1,000 coins, simply comment below
what is your favorite game/activity at a birthday party.
This giveaway will end on February 10.
I will pick the most creative suggestion ;)
 Can't wait to know your answers!

Mme. X
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  1. How about using your hands instead of brush for the painting? It's messy, but fun nonetheless.
    It also help to educate children that mess is no big deal and beneficial for child development and learning <3
    Here, I'd like to share you this article :)

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

  2. How precious so many great ideas. Do not have little one but I do have Birthday celebration for my pups.

  3. this is so cute! very fun indeed, angry birds are such a hit with kids these day even my nephew love them :)

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  4. Almost makes me wish I had a little girl again... almost. lol, very cute ideas I'm sure Ms. Belle will love and appreciate.

  5. Great ideas for a children's party. Kids have so much energy and such a short attention span that you have to keep them going! great post.

  6. This is so cute! so many great idea, I wish I had a little one, to do this for! really amazing.

  7. My favorite activity during parties when younger was water balloon fights !! I love playing in the sprinkler and getting soaked from the balloons and everything else !

  8. Great ideas. I love the angry birds giveaway for the detailed craftsmanship.

  9. I love your invites, they're absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the one with the little girl on them. And those cookies look perfect! I want to go to an angry bird party now!

  10. What a sweet theme - I love the flamingo invite but then maybe I'm just a bit biased. Pink is my favourite colour. Hope your little girl has a fabulous time at her party!

  11. nice post!

  12. They are so beautiful invitations also i like outside activities for the kids great and fun ideas for birthday!

  13. I still love the old Pin the Tail on the donkey game. It's old but a classic that kids still like.

  14. these are so lovely :) I'm sure its going to be fun and festive celebration

  15. What a wonderful party you are planning! I especially love the painting activity. I want to do it!
    xo, janea

  16. What fabulous ideas! My kids would love those Angry Bird cookies.

  17. Omg now this party theme is just too cute!!!! Loving everything you have planned!!!

  18. I love the idea of paintings, with each kid getting to take home their prjects at the end! So much fun - and a great way to encourage the kids to be creative.

  19. The painting activity is such a great idea!! I love how it's all lined up and the kids can just go crazy on the canvas.

  20. That is so adorable. I love the painting station. You're a pretty cool mom!

  21. These invites are so adorable. And thanks for all the great party ideas.

  22. Kids love to paint, its such a great idea. My daughter is only 18 months and loves to play with paint.

  23. This is so cute and fun! What a great idea sweetie :-)

  24. I think that my favourite game at a birthday party when I was a little kid was the three legged race. It is always a lots of fun and is a lot harder than it looks. A close second would be a potato sack race. :)

  25. The painting the canvas idea looks like so much fun! You could also incorporate hopscotch but have the rock as a little bird or something and the squares drawn up similar to the game style? Looks like your party is going to be a lot of fun.

  26. Oh how nice that the children can get to paint as an activity. I would love to do this for my kiddos too, but I'm going to need space for it. We don't have that so we'll have to find one.

  27. Omg what an amazing party! If only I'd have had this kind of party when I was younger. I love the painting fact I do paint nights on occasions so I can imagine the kids having a blast.

  28. I don't have kids yet but the parents I know love preparing their kids' bday early. I will forward this to them :)

  29. I have the same favourite invitation. :) And may I recommend lots of physical activities and games? I guarantee it's what would make kids extremely happy. :)

  30. The invitations are so cute. Luv the painting activity :-)

  31. I recently just learned about Paperless Post but haven't explored their offerings yet. Such lovely invites! I'm actually planning my son's baptism already so this is going to be helpful to me.

  32. The invites are so adorable!! The kids look like they're having so much fun :)

  33. The invitations are so cute! I really do love the painting project for the kids as well, too cute!

  34. These are wonderful ideas. I'm sure the kids would love to join these activities.

  35. I love the touches you'll be making to the usual AB theme! Also like the painting activity, I find it more unique than the usual finger painting activity. At least the kids would be able to take home their piece of art in a big canvass frame!


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