Sunday, March 19, 2017

Have A Lovely Spring Wedding With MillyBridal

Spring is officially here, my friends ;)
I'm sure you are all excited like me for this lovely season,
and all the flowers blooming. If you are like me, I simply adore
flowers and have Spring fever all year round! Easter is also
one of the yearly events that takes place during
this season. A time to remember and reflect for Catholics,
and also, of course, the delightful festivities that come with it.
My five year old always enjoy Easter parties, and it also is 
a time where we can get dressed up, with lovely Spring dresses
and bonnets. 

But, of course, I know you all know that Spring
and Summer are two of the best seasons for couples to exchange
their vows. A Spring garden or beach wedding is indeed very 
ethereal and lovely. 

When preparing for the wedding, there are things that
are never forgotten and always a priority for the soon to be
married couple, especially for the bride. 
Take for instance some old sayings, like "sewing a horseshoe 
pin on the bride's dress", "Never see each other the day before
the wedding.", and, the ever popular  "Something old, something
new, something borrowed, something blue.".  Oh, it is really
a delightful experience for every woman, and also just a bit
stressful if you don't get extra help, and do everything yourself,
but, still, of course, the preparations all add to the blush on 
the cheeks of the bride ;)
As a matter of fact, when attending a wedding ceremony, 
we all anticipate the wedding dress of the bride. The wedding
 dress/gown, is, may I say might be the second focal point
of a wedding, the first of course, being the couple. The dress also
shows the bride's taste and this goes for the entourage too,
from the flower girls, maid of honor, and the bridesmaids. 

I also noticed in this age that the bridesmaid gowns are
as elaborate as the wedding gown. Because yes, we are in the 
era when people freely express themselves through fashion
and most brides nowadays want the bridesmaids' gowns to 
look fashionable too, some are even letting her bridal
 entourage pick their own design. I've seen lately that blue is
the favorite of color of brides nowadays, I also remember 
when I was younger, someone told me that powder blue in
fact, is the most perfect for a wedding color theme.
Of course, it all depends on the bride and groom,
but, it is a lovely and sweet color indeed. So I've seen 
these stunning blue bridesmaid dresses and they are 
simply divine and remind me Grecian goddesses. 

These beautiful dresses are all from Milly Bridal.
You can view more of the collection and choose from
the many styles here at MillyBridal 



  1. Lovely post! Beautiful photos!
    Agnese & Elisa

  2. Those dresses are so pretty.

  3. This dresses is a dream! Pure love! *_*

  4. ohh so beautiful dresses!

    kisses dear

  5. These gowns are so gorgeous!! I am getting married in July - the best part of the process was trying on all the beautiful gowns. It's just a dream!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Xoxo, Maggie

  6. Such stunning dress! Love all of them :)

  7. The first dress looks gorgeous, lovely picks x

    Pink Frenzy

  8. This webstore offers amazing dresses, I love each one! <3

  9. The dresses are so beautiful!

    Funmi x

  10. Beautiful styles!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  11. Beautiful selection, I love the pink dress

  12. Milly Bridal has such a pretty selection of dresses! So gorgeous! I don't have any weddings to attend this summer though =P

    Rina Samantha


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