Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kiki's Delivery Service 😺

I am a huge Studio Ghibli enthusiast. 
Simply everything about a Ghibli film is so stunning, 
ethereal, quaint, that you just can't not fall in love 
with the movie. When I first watched Kiki's Delivery Service,
the illustrations are so lovely and I wanted to live inside
that world. I can't find the perfect description to say how 
beautiful it is. Watching a Ghibli film gives you that feeling
of coming home to your home as a child after a school day,
and, your mom makes you a hot cup of chocolate and whatever
food it is that your mom makes that only hers can taste so
delicious, that makes everything wonderful again-that feeling 
of comfort. Any Studio Ghibli aficionado will understand this ;)
Add to this, is the superb music by Joe Hisaishi. All musical
scores he makes are just so beautiful and fitting for every scene.
 He and Hayao Miyazaki are pure geniuses. 

Kiki is also the first Studio Ghibli film that my daughter watched
and she loved it too. Kiki's Delivery Service, I can say, is the 
first movie that ever touched her heart. Call me corny, but, yes.
Kiki was the first movie that she wanted to watch two or thrice
in a row, right after watching it, we'd watch it again. 
I can she was also fascinated by Kiki's wonderful personality.
  And Belle memorized the movie lines by heart, and, 
the actions of Kiki and all the other characters. And B didn't ever 
went out without her Kiki headband. 

After Kiki, she loved Totoro and Ponyo too. She loves following
the story lines and singing along with the delightful songs.
I am happy that she loves the beautiful world of Ghibli too.


What movies do you love to watch with your children? 



  1. sweet little girl <3

  2. Your daughter is so cute. I love how you've dolled her up :)

  3. My daughter is only 14 months old so she does not watch any movies yet but I look forward to watching Harry Potter movies with her when she is older.

  4. You have a beautiful daughter.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  5. You daughter is so cute and precious! I have never seen these films so I need check them out.

  6. I've never watched this show but all I can say is that your daughter is very cute!


  7. She is such a sweetheart and I can totally see the resemblance with the cartoon! Way too adorable. Wishing you a lovely new week. xx


  8. My kids are still too young to watch movies, but I hope they will love the same ones I loved as a kid.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  9. Omgosh your daughter is just adorable! She looks just like the character!

  10. ohh very cute

    kiss <3 / Andreia

  11. So cuyuuute!

    Funmi x

  12. Oh my word! Adorable!

    xx Leah

  13. this is so adorable, your daughter is so cute. I've never heard of Kiki's Delivery Service but it sounds very heartwarming. xx

    Coco Bella Blog 

  14. awww so cute!!

  15. She is precious! And she is dressed so perfectly to match! We are currently loving Moana but we lost the remote for our living room TV and can only watch tv in the bedroom. Sooo we don't watch a lot of TV these days! Haha!

  16. Someone recently told me about this movie, too. I'll need to check it out with my daughter. She's not a huge movie fan (she thinks they're scary) but I've heard this one might fit the bill!

  17. I am a Totoro fan all the way. Kiki's delivery Service is charming. The Studio Ghibli movies are so watchable that watching them over, and over, and over is enjoyable. I swear my son's black cat is just like Kiki's cat.

  18. Ghilbli movies are so awesome. So cute! :)

  19. This is so precious! Your daughter is so cute and I'm glad she enjoyed the movie. When I have kids they'll be force fed Harry Potter lol. My nephew loves all things Mickey though.

  20. cute! i hadn't heard of this before but it sounds adorable!

  21. I loved that movie as a kid! So glad the younger generation watches it too

  22. What a cutie! I've never seen this movie! I will have to look into it!

  23. Love how your daughter is dressed like the main character. So cute!

  24. SO pretty! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.
    Party Wear Kurtis Online

  25. I love studio Ghibli - I speak Japanese (well I have been learning for 4 years). So when I saw this post I just had to click on it.
    She is too cute and looks exactly like Kiki!
    Set to Glow

  26. Such a cute post and pics of your little one, dear! I love Studio Ghibli movies but haven't watched Kiki (aaahhh!! - on my list now tho). I absolutely adore How's Moving Castle and Spirited Away and I have watched them at least 10 times. Thanks for visiting STG and for sharing this beauty!

    Saida | She talks Glam


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