Thursday, January 11, 2018

Rainbow Rocks Tea Party

Happy new year, dear friends!
Can you believe we are already halfway 
through January? I hope that the past year
brought you all joy and wisdom, and this year too.
Our princess is also such a big girl already. 
She will be seven years old this year, and wow, 
I can still remember the days when she was still
a wee baby. Just looking at her fills my heart
such a beautiful feeling. She is the greatest thing
God has ever created. 

Belle is also starting to love our afternoon teas.
She only drinks hot coco or milk, of course. 
It is such a joy to be doing that with my girl.

After superheroes, Angry Birds, Pokemon, different birds, her 
new fascination is now Rainbow Dash! 

Hope you all have a wonderful, healthy,
 and fruitful year ahead!
💖 ☕ ☕ 🦄


  1. Happy new year dear! you both look adorable!

  2. Soooo cute!!!


  3. She looks lovely!!!!

  4. you both look adorable! Happy 2018!


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