Sunday, April 8, 2018

Secret Garden

Hello, friends 💖
I pray you are all having a wonderful
Summer. In time for the season, I'm sharing
here some of darling blooms in our garden.
Let me say that I am not a perfect gardener, nor
have I got green hands. I guess some plants
never saw the light of day again under my care 😂,
but I absolutely love doing this. Flowers are 
treasures and they are ethereal. I do love roses,
my favorite, of course. 

As of now, I've never
used any chemical aid for plants yet. I only use egg
shells and fruit peels as fertilizer. Though, I really am
considering to try anti-pest spray. Caterpillars really
love my garden. As much as I'd love to see butterflies
born in my own garden, the plants and rose buds suffer, 
and sometimes, they take too long to grow 
leaves again. At first kasi they only ate the wildflowers,
it was 50/50 okay with me because the wildflowers would
 really just grow anywhere. And then, the last few weeks,
they started on my rose bushes too. And those caterpillars
love the flower blooms mismo. Flowers and buds are their
ultimate favorite, flowers are like cakes or chocolates to them.
They eat it FIRST.
In one plant, I got four caterpillars, and the next day, 
I found two again on the same plant.
Well, it's not fun indeed. Also, I am not a fan 
of how they look. I'm the kind of person who
shrieks at the first sight of, you know, household insects.
So, there it is, I will try concocting a homemade
plant spray as I'm not really fond of insecticides.

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  1. Hello Marie what a nice post. I love nature too and your flowers look awesome. It is very difficult have beautiful flowers it looks like it’s a whole adventure. I wish you a happy Sunday.

  2. I love flowers. Beautiful pictures!
    Kisses, Paola.



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