Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Why We Trust Dayzinc + Nutri10 Plus

If you remembered my series of posts documenting
our Belle's journey with the vitamin supplement 
Nutri10, she is still taking it now. 
And, genuinely, as we say it here, hiyang talaga
for our girl. It's the best vitamins for her that
we tried so far, and I am very lucky to have the 
opportunity to try it for my girl. 

It has the right selection of vitamins and nutrients,
and it also helped boost Belle's appetite, as you know,
Belle is a very picky eater. As a six year old "growing child",
Belle is naturally playful and talkative. But, of course,
if she has taken her vitamins on this particular day,
it's like double her usual activeness. But, of course,
that is a sign of good health, and that makes us very happy.
It also helped for Belle's ballet sessions, as she doesn't 
tire easily. And, also, she has good vitamins to thank for 
alongwith healthy foods too. 

I never shared the full details here, but, when 
Belle was first hospitalized, her pedia changed her 
main vitamin C brand. That vit C syrup or tablet that is
your go to when you see the first signs of cold. 
Her pedia switched Belle to Dayzinc. And yes,
when Belle took Dayzinc, it is more effective,
acts faster is the perfect description. 

I was also thrilled when I found that they have Dayzinc for 
adults too. For pre-teens and teenagers there is a chewable
set. Chewable tablets are great for getting the younger set
ready for swallowing vitamin tablets too. The makers
of Nutri10 Plus, also have a new line of dietary supplement,

Learn more about Wert Laboratories here.


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  1. I think I need to try this! Very nutritional :) Great post! Hugs!
    rampdiary | fineartandyou


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