Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dressrosa Arc Inspiration

I am a lover of beautiful vintage, historical things.
But, I also love watching anime. Yes, I am a weird 
mix of those things! If you do not know already,
 "One Piece" anime for me is the best and greatest
manga and anime ever written and made. It's just
 simply a masterpiece, a pièce de ré·sis·tance

Though it has been on since 1997,
I only started watching it last last year. I fell in love with it,
and always, always at the end of each episode
that I watch, wow, every episode is genius. 
After each episode, I'm always, "wow, Oda is such 
a genius".
Always, if I watch an episode, it was inpossible
for me not to watch the next one. Yes, I admit,
I've spent countless sleepless nights and mornings
watching One Piece.

Yes, I was far 
behind, but the current arc will soon lead to a chapter
about samurai. And also with the current chapter, the story
is getting intense now, introducing us to new and really
great characters that all hold a big part in the story itself.
I am really excited about the samurai arc, and I wanted 
to move ahead with the episodes because I wanted to
 be in sync with the current chapter, and yes, I did it! 
After many sleepless nights, I am finally one of millions
who are awaiting the next CURRENT manga chapter and
anime episode! 

If you are not familiar with One Piece, each arc 
is about Luffy's(the protagonist) next adventure in a new island.
And all the islands are based in real life countries or cities.
And Oda sensei perfectly turns it into perfection!


He stays true to the theme and feel of each country.
The previous arc, Dressrosa is inspired by Spain and Italy.
Mostly, I can say there is more Spain there,
and the supporting female characters in that arc
all wear dresses with ruffled hems. And Violet chan is
a great flamenco dancer. I really adored the 
dresses. Also Rebecca's mother's looks. 

I really adored the theme. So I hunted down some
ruffled dresses inspired by Dressrosa. 




Yosh, I'll see you in Wano!

👊 ⚔️👒


  1. I love how your interests range from anime to vintage, historical things. I'm quite similar with regard to loving a whole range of things too! I don't watch anime, but I do love the extra long hair that seems to consistently feature haha. Oh and lately I've noticed some of my favourite songs were created for anime! Lovely post, hope you're having a great week so far :)

    aglassofice.com x

    1. Yes, some of my favorite songs as well. Thank you, beautiful!

  2. Tiered dresses are so romantic- love 'em for summer!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. The anime is amazing and the dresses selection are stunning.

  4. I love anime and lovely dresses with ruffles
    so your choices of dresses here appeal to me a lot.


  5. Gorgeous dresses.
    I always love anime and this one sounds fun

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  6. I can see why you are so inspired with this genre. I adore the pink ruffled dresses that you chose and think they are all very beautiful.

  7. This is really cute. I've got to check One Piece out!


  8. It sounds like you really love the show! I can see why you were inspired to look up ruffled dresses too, and you found some cute ones! :)

    Hope that you are having a great week so far! It's really cold here but I'm enjoying layering up for winter :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Love that you can get fashion inspiration from so many different things!


  10. Such a cool post and inspo. I used to love anime and grew up watching quite a bit of it in my young teens. One Piece is so popular!
    Have a lovely week!


  11. Such a fun post!

  12. All the ruffled dresses are beautiful; great colors too.


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