Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Living Happily Ever After – Small Hints for a Great Marriage

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Most marriages have a short honeymoon period before the arguments start. If you have reached this point in your marriage, you can always bring back the butterfly feelings. All marriages go through rough patches but the following tips will help you to keep yours fresh:

Keep the Romance Alive

After you have been married for decades, the passionate kisses start turning into pecks, which might disappear altogether. If you find yourselves settling into a stultifying routine, it is time for you to reexamine your marriage.

Half of the men who cheat do so because of emotional dissatisfaction in their marriages. To avoid this, you should do your best to keep the romance alive.  You can rekindle your romance by wearing some lingerie for your husband. If you cannot visit the shop in person, you should consider shopping online: just make sure that you get the sizes right.

Say Thank You More Often

If you are guilty of keeping score of who does what, you will end up in a bitter marriage. Even if you agreed to relocate after your spouse found a new job, you do not have to keep reminding him. Reciprocation is childish and it will only chip away at your connection, leaving you with a husk of a marriage.

You would be better off keeping score of all the good things that your spouse does in a single day and thanking him. Hopefully, your better half will take the hint and start doing the same.

Practice Honesty

If you have gotten yourself into debt and have to hide the bills before your spouse sees them, this duplicity will eventually come back to bite you. All money problems can be brought to light with a credit report so there is no need to hide them. When you lie about overspending, it will be difficult to regain your spouse’s trust once he finds out.

It is better to lay all your cards on the table and be honest. In the same vein, when you fail to verbalize your displeasure, you will just let it fester until it explodes. At this point, the only option might be to invest a lot of money in counseling sessions to keep your marriage on track. Instead of telling yourself that your problems will resolve without your interference, you need to have an honest heart to heart with your partner.

Take Care of Yourself

With a few kids and years of marriage under your belt, you might not even notice that your appearance is changing in a bad way. If you were not comfortable enough to look unkempt in front of your partner when you first got married, you still should not be. You do not only have to look nice when going out with your friends; make sure that you put some effort into looking nice while at home too.

You do not have to put on a full face of makeup to do house chores, but you should at least take a shower and brush your hair.

Watch Your Words

You need to think about what you are saying to avoid making a costly mistake. For instance, you should avoid talking down to your partner as if he is one of the kids. This is especially bad when you do it in the company of other adults. Whenever you feel angry with your partner, you should take a few hours to calm down before approaching him.
The above tips will help you to have a great marriage. Keeping marriage alive is a continuous effort: the minute you grow tired, you might lose it all.

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  1. This is great advice for married couple. I guess if they follow by this it will be less divorce in this world.

  2. Great choices, sometimes small changes can make a big difference in our life. Have a great day!

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  3. This is great information. It’s true that relationships especially Marriage can go stale when the people involved start to take the relationship for granted and feel too comfortable. The need to keep the relationship alive and fresh cannot be overstated. Great tips.


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