Thursday, August 23, 2018

Mom Style: Boots!

*This is a promotional post.

Since being a mom, of course, a lot
of things changed in my life. I started this blog
purely as an online diary for years. But when Belle came,
the blog turned to a mommy blog. That was around 
2011, I also know a lot of mom blogs then that are now, 
like mine, eventually turned to a personal brand.
Yes, I remember 2011, and the next years after that
was the start of the social media life, like, it was really
kicking in, like, almost all brands started to have
 Facebook and Instagram.

The fun things that I started seeing, were 
the memes. There are memes about everything,
but, one of the funniest ever, are the motherhood memes.
The images are both funny and completely relatable.
Some memes show the before and after life
of being not yet a mom and already a mom. 
Your life before with wearing heels and now,
running shoes, flats or women's fashion boots
because you need to run after your child. 
This is real for the new moms
and with younger kids who still run and play.

When I became a mom, I also wore flats.
Because it is hard to wear even kitten heels, if you have
a baby or running in the mall or park with a toddler.
Of course there are women who can do that.
But block heels are now my favorite. 
I've also seen some really nice mom looks with 
mules and boots. So, I'm sharing here some of my
favorite finds from BerryLook. They have really 
nice designs The first is the best on my list
because it is in block heel style and I love
 the vintage feel.

They also have cheap clothes, click for the link
to see some amazing styles and prices!
BerryLook has really great styles and 
one of the best things is that all their products
are quite affordable! 



  1. My favourite are the red ones!

  2. The red ones are so stunning nice selection.

  3. great! i really love this style :)
    kisses from Poland :*

  4. You are so right about the change in shoes for Moms. I wore heels a lot before I became a Mom and these days, flats are becoming my favorite. These boots are all cute especially that first pair. Happy Friday

  5. OH I love the red lace up booties! Yes shoes to be able to run in is a must when you have small children!


  6. I know exactly what you write about because I know it from life. The shoes are great and look very comfortable.

  7. I LIVE for block heels! I wish I knew such shoes earlier in my life! Haha! They are so comfy and it's amazing that they're great for moms as well! The first one is definitely my fav! x
    have a wonderful day!

  8. When you need to react at a moment's notice, block heels are the way to go. Can you imagine grabbing a kid with stilettos? Ha!
    xo Leros | AboutEos

    1. Indeed. It can be done, I think maybe, if the child still small ;)

  9. I've never worn heels. :-) I like comfortable shoes for a fast walking in my fast life. :-)


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