Monday, July 15, 2019

Protect Your Family With Malayan Insurance

As parents, we all want to give our family 
the best. We want to give our loved ones
a comfortable, happy life. But, of course,
some small accidents can sometimes 
happen. Be it, a burglary, fire, or health,
some accidents are inevitable.

Accidents like a house fire, health (hospitalized),
emergency home repairs all bring financial
burden. If they do happen, we can at
least make it easier for us and our family.
One way is by purchasing a non life insurance.
We are lucky that today, there a lot of insurance 
plans and  to choose from.

There are indeed, a lot 
of non life insurance companies in the Philippines,
but, for me, sticking with the trusted companies
is still the best way. One of the oldest and top
companies in Manila is the Malayan Insurance.
Founded in the 1930s, Malayan Insurance
still remains the top non-life insurance 
company in Manila.

Malayan Insurance's insurance products

My favorite and top pick for non-life family 
insurance is the Total One Protection.
When you purchase this, you, your spouse,
and up to four children can be added to
the policy. Malayan Insurance's products
are also affordable.

I know in the Philippines, some people are
still scared or afraid of the costs of insurances.
But, we really need to be aware of important
insurance is. Remember, insurance is a gift
of peace of mind for your family. 

Check here for more detailed information on
Malayan Insurance's products


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