Friday, June 19, 2020

How Families Can Be Prepared For The New Normal

How are you all doing? It's June and it's the fourth month since the lockdowns have started in our country. But some places have already started opening and lifting quarantine measures even though the Covid virus cases  haven't really lowered yet. 

But yes indeed, sooner or later this year all places will start to open up again. I know the threat of the virus is still there, yes, that's why when life after the virus gets back to 
a new normal, people will still be wearing masks, practice social distancing, and 
all the other preventive measures. And I think the government will still require it too.

With the world completely in a different level now, we can't be too
careful when we're outside. When we finally come home, safety precautions
are made. Shoes are strictly removed and will stay by the door and are
 sprayed with disinfectant.
The clothes worn are also thrown in a laundry basket by the door
dedicated to the clothes that were worn outside. The clothes will be soaked
with detergent immediately to kill germs and viruses. 

One effective way of eliminating viruses and bacteria on clothes is a
great laundry detergent and also a good washing machine. 
Yes, this is the new normal in every household now. 
With our busy schedules, we need work done fast and yes, admit it, we all want to 
lighten some house work so we can rest and spend time with family.
So when looking for an automatic washing machine for sale, I have 
already been eyeing one of Beko's freestanding washing machines lately.

  The model WCV9746 in particular, I loved this at first look because
one, it is energy efficient, low machine noise and two, it uses
steam-fused stain treatment. 
It treats over 24 kinds of stains, be it
coffee, sauce, mud, etc, the machine's Stain Expert Program
will definitely remove it. And with the steam treatment, it 
simply reduces wrinkles! I love that, as you will also
spend less time with ironing the clothes.
It is truly a super washing machine.
Being one of the pioneers in the business since 1955,
 the European brand Beko's technology and innovation is 
really outstanding. 

One of way of preparing for the new normal is after shopping for our needs, 
 we take extra  care in spraying the newly bought goods with disinfectant
and of course, even for food, fruits and vegetables are soaked in a safe 
disinfectant solution. 

And for storing food, we need a good and reliable food storage. 
We are also planning to buy a fridge and freezer. Of course, you know
me, I am always on the lookout for good brands in the market. 

Looking through Beko's products, they are also one of the best 
in refrigerators. My husband is a workout buff so we always stock up 
meat, fruits and vegetables, fruits especially, and I saw Beko's
 340L ref is a good fit for our family. 
It has an Active Fresh Blue Light feature and it allows vegetables
and fruits to continue their photosynthesis process, preserving
more vitamin C and other nutrients plus and they are fresh 
for up to 30%. 
It also uses less energy.
A great feature is also its Active Odour Filter which removes odor and 
bacteria inside the refrigerator, this is a great feature, and very good
for families like mine, as our daughter has mild asthma as she can already 
open fridges by herself. 

Also very nice features!

As we are protecting our homes from contaminants from the outside
world everyday, this is indeed a way of preparing for the new normal.
Meanwhile, check our more of Beko's top of the line
products that suits your home best here!


  1. I'm trying to hang in there! Thanks for sharing!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Great post, love that you highlight the best features of the products too!

    Anika |

  3. Our new normal is definitely a big adjustment. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. So many normal things became kinda complicated now. I think these are some really great tips for safety.


  5. This new normal is definitely a big adjustment.


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