Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide For Men

The holidays are here! Which means holiday décor,
party planning, and crossing out Christmas present lists.
Surprise your hubby, dad, brother, or BF with a memorable gift they’ll cherish for years to come. Custom menswear designer Inherent Clothier covers every man on your list. 

Black Diamond Facemask

We're living in wild, uncertain times, which has led to many adjustments in all of our lives. Due to government mandates requiring masks (and staying safe from COVID-19), one of those adjustments is adding face masks to our wardrobe. If you're like us, you care deeply about your style, and a face mask may not always "go with" your outfit. That's why we're excited to announce our line of face masks. Made of high-quality fabric with a comfort-first backing, these face masks keep you both safe & stylish. The standard black face mask is made of a gorgeous jet black fabric, with an added layer of protective, comfortable lining on the back of the mask.

The Bellwether Single Monk

Introducing: Our Bellwether Single Monk. This beautifully designed and constructed shoe has several unique features. Starting off with the warm brown tones that can go with most anything. We didn't cut corners when it came to construction, either. 

The Ellington Pocket Square

The perfect, idealistic pocket square painted with koi fish and realistic pond features

koi fish

The Elegant Milled Tweed in Charcoal with Brown Windowpane

When it comes to cooler weather, few looks are sought after more than the Harris Tweed look. This fabric, inspired by this famous tweed, is milled to be incredibly flexible, soft, and comfortable to wear. Because this piece comes from a winter line, despite its more flexible build, it remains sturdy, providing you with warmer wear for those cooler days. Great for a jacket or winter suit, this fabric will hold its shape while remaining flexible enough to provide you with premium comfort. Fabric: 100% Super 120's wool 

Inherent Clothier



  1. Esses sapatos são um sonho. Super elegantes mesmo.

    Coisas de Feltro

  2. I love those shoes. It will be a wonderful gift!

  3. Great suggestions! I'm definitely getting some masks for my boyfriend this Christmas xx

    mia //

  4. Really nice! For handsome sharp man. Love the shoes.

    Titra @

  5. I always struggle with gifts for my dad so thanks for sharing this guide :)

  6. I need to start shopping for my husband! Thanks for these ideas!

    District of Chic

  7. These are amazing gift ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  8. Nice gifts indeed, the shoes look very elegant


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