Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Oxgn x Sailor Moon collab!

image via

A local brand here in our country just released
a Sailor Moon collaboration! Oxgn also
released a One Piece and Naruto collab a few months
back, so I'm guessing they had acquired rights
on some Bandai anime shows. 

I got all of the shirts on the first drop, the bucket hat 
and waist bag are just not my style.
 It took a while for my order to arrive, and now they already 
have new designs! I already ordered mine again
 You can check their website for the new designs :) 
I love the pieces, the crop tops are my favorite!
And maybe I will just frame the back print
of the white top.


sailor moon oxgn crop topoxgnxsailormoon

oxgn sailor moon tshirt

sailor moon oxgn dress
Long sleeved dress

sailor moon oxgn

sailor moon oxgn collaboration

sailor moon tshirt

sailor moon oxgn collaboration
The back print

You can shop the sailor moon collection here   



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