Thursday, July 19, 2012

At 9 months, she's still a happy, smiling toothless baby! But her pedia said other babies had teeth at 18 months so there's nothing to worry about. The fevers are gone. But one tooth is already on its way!

She already gets irritable when you take away a toy from her, signs of being spoiled? Well, nobody wants a spoiled brat so I let her have her little tantrums for a few days and she eventually stopped being irritable when her toy is taken from her. Everything can be tamed from training!

Party planning for her first birthday. We're looking forward for my sister in law's wedding next year because Belle is going to be a flower girl!

Papa is on duty again, we miss you!


  1. good luck on the birthday preps! :)

  2. Oh she look so cute with that dress and headband..My baby Camilla doesnt like headband she always take it away..Anyway dont worry abou teething because baby has different kind of stage of teething..I think Camilla got her first tooth when she was 8 months and she have 8 teeth now and she is 16 way to go..Thanks for visiting my babys blog..

  3. @ M - thanks
    @ diaper days - thanks, she likes to take them off now too..


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