Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Worksheets For Preschoolers

As any mom of young kids would know
and relate, we always find ways to keep them busy.
If you are like me, who really wants to lessen
my girl's gadget time, I always let her have
playtime with toys, and art materials. 
We are all busy parents. I am a work at home 
mom, so, having no time and distractions really are 
hindrance if I need to work on something.
As a WAHM, I also take care
of some things at home, and of course, 
our daughter.
Sometimes, it can be really distracting.
With my preschooler being very very active
nowadays, especially as we always really play with
her, she will always talk to me, ask me a million
things (my girl thinks I am super genius).

With good time management, working
from home is indeed very rewarding. 
I can't bear the thought of leaving 
my sleeping daughter each morning, every day if 
work at an office. That's why I am very 
grateful to be able to work from home. 
Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, and,
 if I need to finish something soon, or hurrying after
a deadline, it can get pretty hectic. 
So, if I am in a hurry or running out of time to 
do some work, I give her some activities she can 
do so she can be a bit busy for a while.

I'd love for her to do something educational,
and I have seen some pretty nice and cute worksheets
by other moms. I found these really fun worksheets
for preschoolers, and our Belle really enjoys them.
She is also in the age that she can appreciate workbooks
and activity books more.

So, for you dear moms, these are really educational
and fun, and, will make for great bonding moments
with our kiddos too! 
Let your little learner practice fine motor skills while 
helping these crawlies out of the maze. 
Reinforce your preschooler's letters and 



  1. Cute idea to keep a child busy for Mom’s Who have to get things done. Happy International Woman’s Day.

  2. Nice idea these worksheets! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa


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