Monday, April 18, 2011

Salut !

We've just gone to the doctor's and we've found I'm already three months pregnant and there's already a heart beat!
It just feels so amazing to know that there's a baby growing inside me and that this our baby... =)

And FF is also so amazing that he doesn't want me to move around or do much in the house. Ha!

The other day they had two not so big fires, one after the other and I know he was si fatigué but when he came home in the afternoon, after his nap, he still cooked our dinner and did the dishes. =) No matter my protests because my tummy is still small and I can still do things of course but he kept saying that it's our first baby and it's delicate...

Sadly I guess I'm still not having a vegetable garden. Why can't I make anything grow??!?

This is a 15th century Brabant crib. It has a coverlet which depicts the family of Jesus in pearls and silk. Heavenly.

À bientôt !

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