Friday, July 1, 2011

Belle, belle Juillet !

top: New York and Co.
shorts: handmade by moi
shoes: Isaac Mizrahi
bag: from Korea
sunglasses: SM department store
pearls: from my mom

Bonjour ! The baby is now very quick on his moves and stronger. Loved shopping for baby things. Enjoying the sun after a whole week of rain. Watching my classic movies and joining them in their dialogues (I know it by heart) with tea and scones. These shoes are my favorite now, they are not too high and I love the d'Orsay style, c'est la classe ! But I do wish I can do it like Victoria Beckham and don really sky high heels even when pregnant! I can still wear high heels now but not for too long=( I get tired easily now

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Awww you are so cute naman!! I wish I have taken more photographs when I was pregnant.

  2. Cute outfit!

    re: the top - NY&Co is one of my favorite stores. Love it!

    re: the shorts - I am so impressed that you made them! I was just telling FireMan the other day that I wish I could sew. Like really sew.

  3. @ MommaFinally - Thank you!

    @ Fire Wife - Yes I love the top it is stretchable so it's great for pregnancy
    - thank you! you can sew too just practice


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