Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Weeks

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress
Prima Donna pumps

I really love rainy days but today I'm just really tired, probably because I didn't sleep last night due to my incredibly full mind... I think I won't be able to go to church next Sunday or until I have given birth and recovered....

All throughout my pregnancy, I have always had this extra energy, like I can work out(prenatal  yoga and light work out) at least five times a week. These days I just want to
laze around. As you can see my tummy is not that big, as I'm petite, so I like a pregnant
 teeny person with chicken legs;(  

I  have very thin legs, I thought somehow during my pregnancy that my legs would put
on some weight, like Barbie's perfect legs, but I was wrong. I'm beginning to think I have a
 leg disorder or something ;(

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  1. Your legs are fine and your bump looks awesome. Congrats!

  2. You look great! Congratulations and if you need to take some time "off" from Church then so be it. The Lord understands!

  3. You look very cute! Give it time. I have always had chicken legs and by week 39, 6 days I had cankles. ;) Love your outfit.


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