Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Joy of Motherhood

When I was younger I thought mothers tend to exaggerate the baby thing. My aunt always calls home from work to check on my cousins. And even with just a sneeze, she would give them vitamin C and I thought, God, she's too much! Now as a mother, I understand that all of that are not exaggeration but pure love.

When I found out I was pregnant with Cherie, I was very happy... The thought that there is someone very precious inside me is surreal . I always think, "oh my God, she's inside me!"

I also thought that I need to become a better person. Maybe it is our instinct, knowing this person came from you is going to part of this world. We're thinking, "I need to guide her and always be there for her".

During my pregnancy my husband and I watched Spartacus series and on my labor to bear the pain, I remember when Crixus was being punished, Doctore told him to embrace the pain. And that's what I did. Mind over body, every time hihilab, I imagined myself floating and dancing. It really helped because I really didn't thought much of the pain.
There are no words enough to describe the joy I felt when she finally came into this world. I thought, "oh my, I'm a mom now. I have to be the mature one". Becoming a mother is the most amazing thing a woman can be. Becoming a mother also made me appreciate MORE all the moms out there. I now always think I know what she's been through or I now feel for the moms at church or malls with noisy kids!

Just looking at her makes me so happy. I want to always hug her and be at her side. She is our joy. And we thank God so much for giving her to us. We are also very thankful because she is so healthy, she was never ill except for a few low grade fevers in her early months.

new born Cherie at the hospital

her Puss in Boots eyes

still moving backwards on her walker...

I see you!

Happy mother's day to all the moms out there!


  1. when did you start her on walkers? :-) my boy's just turned 7mos yesterday and am about to start him with the walker pa lang... :-)

  2. she started just before her 7th month birthday..
    we didn't thought about it sooner too, she should have started a few months ago because her body especially her legs are strong kaya, kaya na rin yan ng baby boy mo...

  3. Such a beautiful baby :)
    Next thing you know, naglalakad na yan without help and then hahabulin mo na :)

  4. Such a cutie! Happy mother's day marie :)

  5. Hi Marie! Nice to meet you and your lovely daughter via blogging. I think we shared the same passions for motherhood and European arts.

    This is a nice post. The adorable photo of your "Puss in Boots"-eye babe is a winning shot.

  6. What a beautiful post! Your baby is so cute:). You seem like a lovely Mom too:).

    Thanks for visiting my blog,, Marie:).


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