Monday, January 21, 2013

The Week That Was

Mirabelle is now almost sixteen months and we are really enjoying her all the time. She is so energized always. We saw a lump in her right eyelid, and another small one in her left, her pedia referred us to a good Ophthalmologist which we missed two times, we're going back tomorrow hopefully he is already there or we'll find another one.

Do you know about lumps in the eyelids? I know we are bringing her to a doctor but I did some research online and found out about Milia. Lumps or cysts on the skin They say it's common in babies and toddlers and usually goes in a few weeks, some months. We wish it's nothing serious.

Faded Glory onesie, slippers: gift

She loves books! She adores flipping through the pages and looking  at the pictures and words

I love this picture, but I'll make her wear a classic children's white dress and a hat next time, perhaps?

my husband is obsessed with this bunny ears! he wants her to wear it EVERYWHERE  we go

her ballerina socks and shoes is so lovely

I'm going to really make-up her playroom. How does your child's  playroom look?

Circo tutu bikini, bunny ears clip from a variety store

Circo tutu bikini



  1. Cuteee baby and momma! Love d look. Aww baby ballet? Sosy!

  2. Lol cute! Hope her eyes are fine pwetty gurl pa naman..

  3. Wow cutee, love your blog!

  4. Thanks, her eyes are fine now!


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