Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time Travel Tuesday

This is me and my sister in our grandparents home in Quezon.
I really cherish childhood memories. 
When you're still a kid, everything is really
haha I love my sister's dress! I'm the younger
one on the floor. ha, toddlers!


  1. Hi Marie, taga Quezon ka pala, taga Candelaria ako, san ka sa Quezon?

  2. Hi Giday!
    my mother grew up in Quezon, in Pitogo. I think pinakadulo yun ng Quezon haha i remember napakatagal ng byahe namin when going there for the holidays!

    wow, we always pass by Candelaria but we never stop there. Saan ka dun? Know any good restaurants there? haha We'll definitely stop there on our next visit to Quezon!


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