Friday, April 18, 2014

Belle's Easter basket, dress, and bonnet

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Since Belle can't understand the meaning of it yet
 and about Jesus, I am quite enjoying the festive part of it.
The Easter bunny, the eggs.
In a few months though, I can already bring Belle to catechism
groups in our church. Just like my sister and I did
during our childhood and college since we both went to a girls' college run by nuns.
I remember the nuns on our catechism meetings giving us sweets
after each class was done, it was such a treat for us kids!
And one very sweet nun gave me a small calendar for
my first communion. It depicts an illustration of a girl
on her first communion, I still have it to this day.

Belle's Easter basket contains:
Two Benjamin Bunny books 
A bunny ears headband
Two pink surprise eggs
A cute little bunny bath sponge
A pink bunny rabbit cuddly toy
And two Kinder Joy chocolate eggs


Belle's dress is from Periwinkle.
This dress is so lovely! It is the perfect palest pink.
I couldn't find a pink or a plain straw hat for her Easter bonnet, but I think
this blue contrasts all the pink in her outfit. The hat isfrom a bazaar. 
The pink shoes is from Poise and the
furry princess bag is from Finds. 
I'm thinking of decorating her bonnet for a more elaborate
one, though I think Belle will use her old yellow,
floppy hat from Rare Editions as she doesn't like this one.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week, and let us not forget the sacrifice
Jesus made for us.

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  1. aww wow, i love the basket and the easter ootd!

  2. Awhh such a cute basket :) love it !! xx

  3. Happy Easter!
    this is a great post! i'm following you on GFC and Blogloving, hope you follow back :)

  4. Thanks Nesaa, I am now following you as well.


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