Saturday, April 12, 2014

Me time and cellos

As any parent will tell you, time spent with yourself alone  is
like winning the lottery.
Sure, spending time with my family is the
greatest, but I need the silence and 
solitude of my me time.

So at siesta, Miss B is at long last sleeping 
after her bath time, I take my place at our second sitting room,
and lay hold of my favorite book, make some
intensely thick, hot chocolate, and some cookies.

Today I decided to give myself a little love
and make a homemade foot spa.
You will be needing:
warm water
a few cups of milk (depends on how much you love yourself! The more the better!)
rock salt (because these hard lovelies ARE as good as epsom)
flower petals
-et voila! I have been doing this for many months now
and it really makes my feet soft!

I simply adore old books

For me, cello music is the best sound (for music) ever. Second is harp.
2:19-till end: how can something so beautiful feel so tragic..?
Each time I reach this point, my eyes close,
my heart tightens... I don't know. I feel both moved
and sad at the same time, and I feel
like I could cry. This is what happens
to me when I hear and see beautiful things.
2:19-till end-this is completely my favorite
part of this master piece. And Maisky is absolutely talented,
and you could see his face that he is moved too
and that he truly loves what he is doing.

Don't you ever wonder how pieces of strings 
and woodwork can produce such 
beautiful sounds?

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  1. Wow! I would love some intensely rich, hot chocolate right now. What a beautiful me time! Any kind flower petals will do?

  2. You're right, sometimes we need a break from everything. #METIME

    I will try your home-made foot spa. Thanks for the info!

  3. Are those flowers on the first photo real? What do you plan to do with them? Love it! :)

  4. Cym - yes, any flower petal will do, as long as it is velvety ; )

  5. Meikah - yes, the flowers are real. Why don't you READ the post to find out?

  6. Ahhh, I already feel myself relaxing as I read your post. hot choco, foot spa, a good book and music sounds divine!

  7. (Not sure if my comment came through) I'm totally drooling at the thought of chocolate + foot spa + good music!

  8. I'll try this one, I'll be using rose petals. Do I have to use fresh milk here?

  9. What a romantic you are, loveeet! I'm a cello fan, too, though I haven't really seen any playlist i like lately so I settle for classical piano music...Julia Florida in Cello is my ultimate favorite.:)

  10. as mommies we should not neglect having a me time. it revitalizes us and gives us better outlook in life. aside from that it makes us more understanding of the people around us.

    thanks for sharing! i haven't really thought of preparing my own foot spa. i should try it sometime.

  11. my idea of relaxation is listening to classical music also ... and with a cup of tea and some chocolate :)

  12. This is something I always have to forget. Me time is slowly being a treasure for me :-( we shouldn't lose ourselves too much. Maybe an hour a day of personal relaxation will be a good thing to keep our sanity.

  13. Wow, you certainly gave me an idea on how to make better use of my very rare me time.


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