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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Week That Was- Easter

Belle under the tree house along our street on our daily stroll

Happy Easter!
I'm sure you all had fun and had lots
and lots of chocolate! We didn't go to any public Easter
event as I was sick on Sunday. I'm thinking of hosting
an annual Easter Brunch and egg hunt next year for
my family and friends. I can make it our 
tradition and decorating will
be a complete pleasure with Belle!

In real life, babies love simple things better than overly priced
toys! Belle would be much happier and laugh more at a cardboard 
than a light-up toy! 

My husband is a very active person. And we love spending 
time together playing sports.

My favorite part of the market...

 Favorite dress, BCBG Maxazria

Belle can finally eat ice cream! Because before, she still can't stand 
the coldness of it.

Easter cake from Simply Bread
When Belle is finally sleeping at night, my husband and I
love to have date nights! We just hang out together and 
I love talking to him because I feel relaxed and content
when I'm with him and we eat ice cream or 
we cook together.

Again, Happy Easter from the cuddliest bunny ever!


  1. how cute it the little easter bunny there! :) happy ressurection day!

  2. looks like you had a fantastic week :) and i love your belle's easter basket <3 belated happy easter! :)

  3. Love the dress! its nice that you play sports with your hubby..

  4. I love the dress and the color! Looks hot!

  5. It's good that you and your husband are outdoorsy. Mine isn't, and even though I'm trying...it's hard to get him to be more active.

  6. She is adorable, esp with her bunny ears! :) It's good that you and husband still find time for a date night. Sweet!

  7. We're not able to attend any Easter event this year as we went home to our province! Hopefully, we can attend again next year! :) by the way, your Belle is really adorabelle

  8. How cute naman your daughter! :)

    It is true that tots are happy to play with the simplest things. My son was happier to play with the box than with the toy that came with it:)

    Weekly dates, though simple, are really a must for couples! I believe that is just makes the marriage stronger.

  9. This week was full of nice bonding moments with your daughter and hubby. I'm sure you all enjoyed it. :)

  10. What a cute little one! :)

    And it's good to know that you also spend some time alone with your husband. My husband I go out on date nights once a month to remind ourselves that aside from being a parent, we are also husband and wife :)

  11. i agree with what you said about kids love simple things... my son has a fascination with paper bags rather than the content.. :D

  12. I love your dress! Super bagay sayo. My fascination with clothes has just returned pa naman! :D

  13. Your daughter is so adorable! :)

  14. Kids are indeed content with the simplest of things! What's more important is the time and love that we give them. :) Love the top! :D

  15. Belle is so adorable! Enjoy every moment you spend with her, mommy. Kids grow up really really fast!

  16. Love the easter bunny outfit on the little one!

  17. I can see why you love that dress! It's really cute!


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