Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kideos App

Hello lovelies!
I know we like letting our little ones have their beloved tech time
(phone, tablets). Indeed, most of the times we worry 
about videos and advertisements that are not 
child friendly that always pop up when they use their phones
and tablets. 

Now, with a wave of its magic wand, Kideos is here to help us parents ;)

The Kideos app controls the time to use the phone or tablet .
And you can choose the age of your little ball of energy
as they have ready made age specific channels.


by Tara Leone

 The original Kideos App was fun and ahead of it’s time.  It featured all sorts of videos for children to watch and parents to enjoy with their child.  When we decided it was time for a refresh, we asked parents what they would do to improve the product.  The primary concerns were those of safety.  Parents wanted a way to let their children explore YouTube videos on their own (without having to pre-monitor and check out each video one by one before allowing them to view it) and let them select which ones they wanted to watch without the fear of them coming across something inappropriate for their age, or worse for any age!  With our manually screened curated content, Original Kideos provided a safe environment for kids to enjoy.
 But in our refresh, we took it one step further.  Not only is the app still curated with hand selected, screened and rated videos, but you no longer have to login, removing any personal data and account information you once had to provide.  We also got rid of ADS and deactivated in video links in the app. Your child has no way of getting out of our safe environment on the app – by clicking the wrong video, OR an ad.   We also made it super easy for children to watch many videos in a row, without you having to get involved with searching and selecting.  Each channel is a video playlist, and once the video ends in, the next video in that channel will automatically begin playing.   Your little ones can just hold the phone and watch one clip after another of babies laughing.  If you have a more curious little kid, he can navigate and find the content he wants, by scrolling through the clear icons and legible text in the simple scrolling channel bar.  Your child can also see all the episodes thumbnails and search for a specific word or title by swiping the “More” tray to the left.  You no longer have to search for episodes of your child’s favorite show, and check them out one by one before you let them watch it.  Your child can entertain himself, in an ad-free, easy to navigate, curated safe environment. 

 Then we decided we wanted parents to have even more control over the content we’ve already curated – and presented clearly, by integrating Parental Controls, which include an age gate and time limit.   Parents can now select an appropriate age range, between 1-10 for their child and only those channels with videos in that age range will appear, and only the videos within those channels that are the appropriate age range will appear within the channel.   So the “Adventure Time” channel and icon, which is set for 8-10 year olds, won’t tempt your 6 year old, because it will disappear when you set the age range to 5-7.   Parents also now have the ability to set a fixed time limit for how long they’d like to allow their children to be able to watch videos.   No matter what time frame you decide is right for your child, Kideos will send a gentle reminder a few minutes before it locks, so not to alarm or frustrate them, and then when the time limit is reached, Kideos will lock, and can only be opened when a parent accesses parental controls again.   Now you can allow your child screen time, without causing a fight when time is up. 

 Original Kideos was pretty great, and we spent the past year making it much nicer looking, much better functioning and much safer for your children.  Please download the update, or download the app if you don’t already have it, and let us know if you are happy with what we’ve done.  We are pretty sure your children will be!  "
Now, I wouldn't worry that Belle will see unwanted 
and unclean pop-ups!
Don't forget to connect with Kideos ;)

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Kideos is a FREE app, you can download it here!


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  1. very interesting post! :)

  2. This app sounds so useful, must tell my friends with kids about it =)

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  3. Interesting app

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  5. This app sounds so cool need to check it out.

  6. What fun for the little ones!

  7. This is great! I have a 5-year old niece and she's currently obsessed with her iPad. Oh, how the generation has changed!

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  9. nice app, dear :)


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