Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Have fun with your style at Stylish Circle!

I have always loved dressing up and having fun mixing and matching
different styles. It's nice that at such a young age I see my family and relatives
 dress up and that they each have their own style. 
I remember a distant aunt, she was and still always very elegant.
And when I see her at our family gatherings, I am always like "Wow...".
Even her aura is divine, think Liz Taylor walking into a room...
Indeed, I think in a way, she influenced me a lot
on the fashion department. Quite a good influence, I might add.
My aunt is truly one of my icons of style
As I got older, naturally, I developed my own style.

I love clean lines and polished looks.
Of course I love and actually wear all kinds of style. 
 I love a cool, rocker chic style,
especially when paired with a pair of the best bad ass pants I could find. 
But I love the classic look the most. 
Today I just simply love wide legged trousers.
They are very comfortable but looks very polished.
And with wide leg jumpsuits, it is much easier to transition
your outfit from day to night. Simply wear simple day time 
makeup in the morning and wear a cardigan. And come night time,
just put on a sexy smokey or a cat eye makeup and red lipstick,
droopy earrings et voilà, you have an evening 
party/dinner outfit in a jiffy!

And it's a good thing that Stylish Circle, a new online clothing store
offers first class garments for every style. They provide
clothes from casual to dressy pieces. 
They also have some pretty materials from fellow online stores
such as OASAP.  And they have quite gorgeous stuff, I think
this is what sets them apart from other stores. Not only their 
merchandise are (covetable), the most wonderful thing is
that their goods are from actual trusted and popular brands,
from Forever 21, Forzieri, to Rebecca Minkoff, Daniel Wellington,
to Choies. You can shop with confidence that you are paying
for high quality products delivered to your door step. 

Stylish Circle also caters to your beauty/nails, and hair needs.

Contemporary jumpsuit 

Cut out jumpsuit 

Hyde Park white clutch

Le Bilbao clutch bag

Eye embroidery mini dress

Batwing sleeve maxi dress

Gold long sleeve bodycon dress

Spring is just around the corner, you'll need delicious dresses
for those garden tea parties so drop by at Stylish Circle now!

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  1. very nice selection!!!

  2. Amazing selection! I totally love the jumpsuit!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW BEAUTY TREND POST

  3. I like the dress, really nice

  4. You are right have fun with style beautiful selection.

  5. Your picks are minimalistic and perfectly chic. Great style!


  6. Amazing dresses! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  7. So many cute picks! Love the jumpsuits!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. Love these selections, jumpsuits are currently at the top of my must have list so cute!

  9. They do have some cute stuff that looks more expensive then it is, and loved hearing about how influential your stylish aunt was.

    Allie of

  10. Stunning selection. Thanks for sharing
    My favorite is the orange maxi dress
    You have a interesting blog. I hope you will like mine


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